Protected: The Learning Lab

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [...]

Google Hangouts: Not Your Regular Test Validation Meeting

An important component of the assessment design cycle is validating the instruments, and to that effect we count on the group of teachers wo [...]

Towards a Formative Mindset

Formative assessment is certainly one of the buzzwords in Education in the present time. However, the concept of formative assessment is not [...]

Google Classroom – The New Classroom

In the first semester of 2014, Casa Thomas Jefferson gained access to Google Apps For Education (GAFE). In August, 2014, Google released the [...]

Context & Congruence

WE’VE ADOPTED A NEW COURSEBOOK. NOW WHAT? Many are the benefits and limitations of coursebook use in language programs, as concisely expla [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our new teachers were invited to express their gratitude. This is what happened! How about you? Who would you like to thank today? [...]
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